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Bodiewear offers custom print services on a wide selection of clothing, apparel and accessories to suit your needs. Printing custom t-shirts is a great way to publicize your business, charity, club, group, band or event using your images or logos. Our creative staff will assist you with all your design needs. You will find us knowledgeable, competitive, and ready to get your business and service noticed with your customized apparel and items. Call us today!


Most sports apparel is printed using vinyl with vector image because you can have the most flexibility. Vector images are simple graphics such as text based pieces, or basic shapes. If you need team shirts, logo apparel, uniforms or any small run jobs using solid colors, vinyl printing is the best option.

This type of printing utilizes a computer and vinyl machine to cut your design in vinyl, weed the excess, and then heat press onto the garment. If you need a photograph on a shirt, vinyl printing DOES NOT work. There isn't a way to create true gradients (shade or blend colors) with vinyl and any fine details will be lost. Screen printing or Sublimation will be your best option.


Screen printing is the most traditional method of printing on clothing. It allows for a much higher level of detail; and printing photographs is possible as detailed design features will come through perfectly. You also have access to a full range of colors, as we can mix colors.

Screen printing utilizes a press to quickly print many shirts in a assembly line process. A design is broken down into separate colors representing different screens, ink is applied, and physically pushed through the screen onto the garment.

Our minimum order quantity for screen printing is 24 shirts, as it take much longer to setup than vinyl. Once the setup is finished, nothing will need to change from shirt to shirt (as long as the design stays the same), making it much quicker to print larger orders.


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